What we can do for you

The Sales Factory is known for our proven expertise in sales solutions and strategies to achieve your goals. Our team has decades of experience working with client partners of all stages & sizes, industries & verticals, and products & services.


We know sales and we have developed a turnkey approach that combines the best technology, a talented team, with a proven system, and strategic approach for every stage of growth

The Sales Factory Team
  • Sales Development

    Let us take care of your top of funnel prospecting and front end sales cycle.

  • Business Development

    Let us take care of pursuing strategic sales opportunities and pipeline generation.

  • Inside Sales

    Let us take care of reaching out to customers to promote your products and services.

  • Telemarketing

    Let us market your goods to a wide range of potential customers.

  • Inbound Sales

    Let us take care of handling interested customers generated through marketing efforts.

  • Outbound Sales

    Let us reach out to potential buyers proactively through email, phone, social media or other channels.

  • Full-Cycle Sales

    Let us be responsible for prospecting leads, booking demos, and closing deals for you.

  • Sales Enablement

    Let us design playbooks, workflows, targeting, and messaging that resonates with your target market.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

    Let us design a winning go-to-market strategy as unique as your business.

  • Market Research

    Let us gather valuable insights from your market to help inform better decisions.

We're here for you

The Sales Factory acts as your all-in-one technology-enabled outsourced business & sales development team, which includes research, oversight, experience, and outreach.


We handle development of your ideal customer profile and target personas, strategic messaging, and prospect lead list building. From there we do all the heavy lifting from cold outreach to qualify leads, gaining interest, and setting up quality sales conversations for you.


Your sales team should be closing deals. Let us take care of the rest.

What you get 

All the expertise, technology, and processes needed to accelerate your path forward to new customer growth. We've got everything you need to deliver results.

Successful sales playbook
Successful Sales Playbook

With The Sales Factory, you get extensive experience and industry best-practices combined with your insights, to build your sales strategy from scratch. Starting with your ideal customer profile (ICP), strategic messaging based on customer pain points, email sequence and cold call copy, and rebuttals to ensure our sales team will be most effective at opening up and winning conversations with your target customers. 

Dedicated Nearshore Talent
Dedicated Onshore Talent

With The Sales Factory, you get driven and dedicated, university educated, onshore talent to work relentlessly for you and the success of the program using our tested and proven sales playbook, and best technologies to deliver results for your business.

Committed Account Management
Committed Account Management

With The Sales Factory, you get a committed Account Manager to ensure we are consistently delivering results for you. We'll assign a highly experienced and knowledgeable Account Manager to your business to meet with you regularly and frequently to report on results, insights gathered, and ongoing improvement recommendations to deliver the highest level of success.

Experienced Sales Enablement
Experienced Sales Enablement

With The Sales Factory, you get ongoing list development utilizing best-in-class global databases with over 150 million contact data points, campaign strategy design, as well as ongoing strategic recommendations to enable us to help you deliver more!

CRM & Data Operations
CRM & Data Operations

With The Sales Factory, you get a highly skilled team leveraging the best CRM and Sales Automation technologies (Hubspot Sales Pro, Outreach, SalesLoft) to work with, either using our own or operating directly within yours. We effectively manage the workflows and can operate within or alongside your current processes. If you do not currently have a CRM with Sales Automation, we can help you get one set up through our partnerships and at a fraction of the cost.

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Our methodology

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The Sales Factory knows that successful prospecting and early qualification saves time and improves results. We're not just about providing leads; we focus on delivering high-quality leads that turn into revenue. Our method involves identifying the right audience and creating accurate customer profiles, deploying highly skilled talent, leveraging the best technology, and engaging potential buyers using our unique strategies. Once a lead is qualified and ready to buy, we hand it over to our clients' sales teams to close the deal and drive more revenue.

Change your growth trajectory

Onboarding made easy
Onboarding made easy

For the first two weeks of our engagement we collaborate with you on building your sales playbook, complete with Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Strategic Messaging, Workflow Process, Call and Email copy, and High-Quality Contact Lists. Everything needed to enable a fast onboarding and a successful sales team to quickly book qualified meetings for you.

We are an extension of your team
Extension of your team

Your dedicated, university graduated, onshore talent, based in North America will work day in and day out on deliver results on your account. Your Account Manager is always a quick message away and will quarterback your account success as well engage the support of sales enablement to continuously improve and optimise your sales program.

Deep insights and reporting
Deep insights & feedback

We are data-driven and provide ongoing activity, results, feedback, and recommendations to constantly improve our sales performance for you. We also help you identify, validate, and explore new markets, verticals, and geographies, so you can expand quickly and effortlessly.

Have questions? We have answers.

Outsourcing to The Sales Factory allows you to leverage our expertise and resources, reducing overhead costs and accelerating results. Our specialized team focuses solely on driving sales and generating high-quality leads, enabling your in-house team to concentrate on closing deals and strategic growth.

Our standard onboarding time frame is 2 weeks to go live in your market. From there, it can take an average of 2 to 6+ weeks to reach fully-optimized production. Our work with each new client is different but one thing remains the same: Our dedicated team works tirelessly to get your outbound sales program producing to your expectations and ROI as quickly as possible.

Unlike most of our competitors, all of our talent is university-graduated and on-shore so you can feel confident in our ability to ramp up effectively. We have found this process delivers much stronger, on-brand results compared to utilizing offshore talent.

We use advanced targeting and data analytics to identify and engage with high-potential prospects. Our rigorous qualification process ensures that the leads we deliver are relevant and ready for your sales team, increasing conversion rates and overall sales efficiency.

At The Sales Factory, we have experience in serving a range of businesses at every point in their growth journey. We’ll test and validate new markets, industries, models, channels, and geographies for both new and existing products and services. We’ll leverage our combination of technologies and experiences to develop an engagement strategy to achieve your goals, whether using your current identified targets or the net new targets developed through our internal research team.

We believe continuous feedback is essential to providing you with the best possible outcomes. To facilitate this, we provide detailed and regular reporting on our activities and results. You will have full visibility into the progress of our lead generation efforts, including metrics and insights that help you make informed decisions.

We also can work directly within your CRM environment so all our work is identifiable and owned by you. Working in your CRM also enables us to fit nicely within your current sales process. Because of this, we like to say we are the closest thing to having an internal team—AND we are the only company in our industry to do this!

You can expect a steady volume of quality meetings, valuable pipeline of qualified leads, which typically lead to faster sales cycles, and higher conversion rates. Our proven strategies and expert team consistently deliver measurable improvements in revenue growth and market penetration.

We work closely with your sales team to ensure seamless integration with your current processes and CRM systems. Our collaborative approach minimizes disruption and maximizes the effectiveness of our lead generation efforts.

Absolutely, our services are designed to scale with your unique business needs. Whether you require support for a specific campaign or a long-term partnership, we can adjust our efforts to align with your growth trajectory and market expansion plans.

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