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We're a sales solution company and your partner for growth providing strategic sales, lead generation, and market intelligence solutions. 


The Sales Factory is built on three core pillars: Our Mission, Purpose, and Values.

Our Mission:


Our Purpose:


Our Values:

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Our growth story

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The Sales Factory began in a small co-working space in downtown Toronto with the co-founders helping startups find new business. Since those humble beginnings, we have grown to become one of the largest outsourced sales and lead generation  providers in the world, now operating in multiple languages and countries helping companies of all shapes and sizes across every industry to drive new business and accelerate their growth.

We act as your all-in-one turnkey outsourced business development team, which includes research, oversight, experience, and outreach. We build your outbound playbook, including your ideal customer profile and personas, strategic messaging, and building prospect lead lists. From there we do all the heavy lifting outreach to qualify leads, gain interest, and open up sales conversations for you.


We'll deliver qualified sales meetings to you and your team, enabling you to focus on closing more deals, not sourcing them.

Drive new business and accelerate growth

Our mission

Drive new business and accelerate growth

To drive new business and accelerate growth by solving complex sales problems to connect you with buyers.


With every client partner we work with around the world, our goal is the same: To drive new business and accelerate growth. We solve your outbound sales problems by building and executing sales strategies that connect you with the people who should be buying your products or services.


At The Sales Factory, we give you the confidence to continue our partnership by producing results quickly through a low-risk process of rapid development, deployment and iteration, all grounded in years of experience. We’ll set you up with real, tangible prospects gathered by our highly trained local professionals using our proven strategies.


Our team pours all of our efforts and all the latest technologies into finding qualified leads, then we work to spark their interest, and open the door for your sales team to do what they do best—close deals.


Through ideal customer and persona development, strategic messaging, and building solid prospect lead lists, all driven by a highly skilled and talented sales team, we stack the deck in your favour so you make the most of each contact and every interaction.

Spend less time sourcing leads and more time closing deals

Have more time to focus on what really matters.
Talent & Resources

Sourcing, training, retaining, and managing millennial and Gen-Z employees for outbound sales can be daunting, time-consuming, resource intensive, and costly. We've got a bench of talent at your fingertips and ready to go.

Time & Capacity

We get it - you've got a lot on your plate and launching or expanding a sales team feels like an impossible feat. We've got time, our dynamic team and streamlined processes will get it done freeing you up to focus on what you do best. 

Expertise & Capability
Expertise & Capability

Navigating B2B technology and software sales requires a specialized touch - one that's both expensive and requires resources to cultivate internally. We've got the knowledge and expertise at your side without breaking the bank.

Tools & Technology
Tools & Technology

Having the right tools for the job can make all the difference. But keeping up with ever-changing technology can be exhausting. We're equipped with the right tools and technology to get the job done.

Meet our founders

Meet the leaders behind the worlds most driven outsourced sales solution company. We’re revolutionizing the way our client partners connect with buyers and the world around them. 
We look forward to meeting you and our partnership in growth. Let us fill your pipeline with real, qualified opportunities and help you close more business.
Paul Griffin CEO & Co-founder

Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin
CEO + Co-Founder

After completing his MBA, Paul gained experience in both B2C and B2B sales and marketing at Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle Skin Health, and Kraft Heinz. Pairing this with his experience running growth campaigns for startups companies such as HelloFresh, Flexday, and Well Canada, Paul brings a unique combination of strategy and execution expertise to the table.


Eric Doucet CRO & Co-founder

Eric Doucet

Eric Doucet
CRO + Co-Founder

A sales and marketing executive with over 15 years experience in direct revenue generation selling hardware, software, services, and sponsorship. Eric has direct experience in every stage of the sales funnel from business development to executive leadership. This real-world experience helps Eric shape products and messaging that resonates with prospects for success in the outbound sales channel.


What our customers say

We’re making an impact all over the globe. Here’s a sample of what its like with us on your side.
Velko T

Velko T.

Bus. Dev., Genetic Research Company

five stars

"Absolutely a great partner to consider when scaling a sales team and related process. Can do attitude and professional approach to all process steps they are supporting us with."


Chris L.

Co-Founder, Robotics Company

four stars

"Very professional and reasonably priced demand generation."


Joel S.

Owner, Government Relations Company

Frame 101

"Utilizing The Sales Factory allowed us to increase sales without the time and effort involved in building an in-house team."

Sean G

Sean G.

VP Sales, Trade Management Software Company

four stars

"It's truly a partnership. The Sales Factory holds up its end of the partnership by buying into our company goal, learning as much as possible about our services and driving solid activity behind it."


Peggy J.

Sales & Marketing, Gas & Welding Company

five stars

"They are committed and hard-working. The follow-up and follow through are fantastic. They work hard on our behalf."

Jesse W

Jesse W.

CEO, Digital Marketing & Media Company

five stars

"Would recommend anyone giving them a shot, ultimately it's a partnership. They are reaching out to leads on our behalf. We have had a number of promising meetings with prospects."


Kevin L.

COO, Pharma Software Company

four stars

"The Sales Factory has been delivering us strategic leads after only a few months."

tj h


VP, Marketing, Financial Software Company


"Great extension of our sales team! TSF has been integral to our lead outreach efforts, feedback on pain points and what's working/what's not working has been super helpful for both our sales and marketing teams."

erin P

Erin P.

VP Operations, Transportation & Logistics Company

Group 171

"Great partners - highly recommend!

The Sales Factory onboarded our company within a week - got our first booking within a day and closed business on our end within 2 weeks."


Perryn O.

CMO, Robotics Company


"Strong Outbound Partner! If outbound messaging is part of your marketing & sales plan and you're selling B2B, give The Sales Factory a shot."


Cameron S.

VP, Software Company

five stars

"TSF has been able to deliver exactly what we engaged them for - first meetings with viable prospects."

Nick B

Nick B.

Rev Ops, eCommerce AI Company

five stars

"TSF is helping us with our email sequencing and calling - but the big differentiator is the calling. Email is somewhat easy to automate, but calling takes focus. It's a results based business, and we have some good results!"

Gaurav G

Gaurav G.

CEO, Wellness Company

five stars

"TSF has been consistently bringing us high quality leads and setting up demos with the right target audience."

Tyler B

Tyler B.

CEO, Healthcare Technology Company

five stars

"I worked with the Sales Factory to help generate leads for my startup business… They were putting at least two high-quality meetings on my calendar each week, many of which converted into higher-paying customers."

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