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We're a sales solutions company and your partner for growth. Accelerated with a data-led, technology enabled, experienced and driven team with a proven system to deliver results.
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Process for success

Technology enabled insights and a data-driven approach built on years of experience and industry best practices with sales and lead generation.


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Talent for success

Our highly skilled, trained, and driven team is university-graduated nearshore talent in Canada, specializing in B2B technologies serving all industries.


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Team for success

Get the expertise of industry experts to ensure the success of your sales and lead generation program at any stage of your growth journey.


At any stage of your growth journey

From discovery to expansion, The Sales Factory supports your growth objectives with the right strategy, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve them.
The Sales Factory - Go to Market Journey
  • Discovery

    We help teams test and validate markets, geographies, industries, models, and channels for new or existing products and services.

  • Launch

    We help teams stand up prospecting, sales, and lead generation programs that deliver results that matter quickly.

  • Growth

    We help teams looking to accelerate their growth with additional sales strategies, tactics, capacity, and capabilities.

  • Expansion

    We help teams looking to expand into new industries, markets, and geographies who don’t have the internal bandwidth or resources for the initiative.

Common challenges 

There are many reasons companies come to The Sales Factory for help. Here are some of the most common solutions we provide at every stage of our clients growth. Don't quite see your challenge? Talk to one of our experts.

Talent & Resources

Finding, hiring, training, managing, coaching, and retaining millennial and Gen-Z BDR talent for outbound sales is increasingly difficult.

Time & Capacity

You're busy, and don't have time or resources to plan, develop, launch, and manage an inbound, outbound, or prospecting and lead generation project. It's always just out of reach.

Expertise & Capability

Specialized experience needed for sales and lead generation internally, especially for B2B technology and software services, is expensive, time-consuming and critical to your success.

Tools & Technology

Having the right technology needed to effectively start, deploy, and expand a sales and lead generation program is ever-changing, complex, and costly.

Our clients love us

Whether it's an early stage tech company getting their innovation to market or a large legacy enterprise company rethinking their sales process and approach, we get to work with some great companies. Here's what some of them have to say.
Tyler B

Tyler B.

CEO, Healthcare Technology Company

Frame 101

"They helped me find product-market fit! I worked with the Sales Factory to help generate leads for my startup business. They assigned a super hard-working SDR to work with me, and he did a fantastic job!"

Nick B

Nick B.

Rev Ops, eCommerce AI Company

five stars

"TSF is helping us with our email sequencing and calling - but the big differentiator is the calling. Email is somewhat easy to automate, but calling takes focus. It's a results based business, and we have some good results!"

erin P

Erin P.

VP Operations, Transportation & Logistics Company

Group 171

"Great partners - highly recommend! The Sales Factory onboarded our company within a week - got our first booking within a day and closed business on our end within 2 weeks."

Jesse W

Jesse W.

CEO, Digital Marketing & Media Company

five stars

"Would recommend anyone giving them a shot, ultimately it's a partnership. They are reaching out to leads on our behalf. We have had a number of promising meetings with prospects."

Perryn O

Perryn O.

CMO, Robotics Company

five stars

"Strong Outbound Partner! If outbound messaging is part of your marketing & sales plan and you're selling B2B, give The Sales Factory a shot."



VP, Marketing, Financial Software Company

five stars

"Great extension of our sales team! TSF has been integral to our lead outreach efforts, feedback on pain points and what's working/what's not working has been super helpful for both our sales and marketing teams."


Cameron S.

VP, Software Company

five stars

"TSF has been able to deliver exactly what we engaged them for - first meetings with viable prospects."

Sean G

Sean G.

VP Sales, Trade Management Software Company

Group 171

"Great alternative to hiring an internal BDR team! TSF is our go to resource for outsourcing our BDR team's needs."


Joel S.

Owner, Government Relations Company

five stars

"Utilizing The Sales Factory allowed us to increase sales without the time and effort involved in building an in-house team."

Chris L

Chris L.

Co-Founder, Robotics Company

four stars

"Very professional and reasonably priced demand generation."


Kevin L.

COO, Pharma Software Company

four stars

"The Sales Factory has been delivering us strategic leads after only a few months."


Peggy J.

Sales & Marketing, Gas & Welding Company

five stars

"They are committed and hard-working. The follow-up and follow through are fantastic. They work hard on our behalf."

Velko T

Velko T.

Bus. Dev., Genetic Research Company

five stars

"Absolutely a great partner to consider when scaling a sales team and related process.  Can do attitude and professional approach to all process steps they are supporting us with."


Gaurav G.

CEO, Wellness Company

five stars

"TSF has been consistently bringing us high quality leads and setting up demos with the right target audience."

The Sales Factory Process

Our Process 

Understand target audiences
Define your target audience

We team up with you to pinpoint your most valuable customers. From there, we zero in on the specific type of customer that best suits your services. We create your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), which is the foundation for crafting high-quality target lists of buyers for our outreach.

Identify the key outcomes & craft critical messaging
Craft critical messaging

Based on the details we gather during onboarding, we craft messaging that highlights the value you offer in addressing your ideal customers' challenges. This messaging guides our conversations and email content.

Develop engagement process that aligns with your audience.
Design the right engagement process

Drawing from our experience, we've developed effective outreach strategies, sequences, and messaging that resonate with your ideal customers.

Stand up the correct technology stack to augment talent efforts.
Stand up the right technology

If you're already using a CRM and sales automation tools, we'll seamlessly integrate into your existing setup. If not, no worries! We collaborate with various technology partners to set up with the right technology. 

Stand up the correct technology stack to augment talent efforts.Vector5
Create a go-to-market plan

We package everything up into a sound go to market plan that fits nicely into your sales process. Additionally at this stage, your sales team has begun learning the strategy, ideal customer targeting, and started refining our messaging for market readiness.

Launch and accurately measure early results.
Launch & measure results

Once we've agreed on your ideal customer and targeting plan, and the tech tools are ready, we launch into action. In the first 1-2 weeks, we fine-tune our messaging and confirm our strategy as we gain insights from the market. You'll also start working closely with your dedicated Account Manager, who will lead your account to success.

Iterate based on findings & data
Iterate on findings & data

As we reach out to potential customers, we gather insights and data to make our targeting and messaging better. Also, when we begin setting up meetings with your ideal customers, we get feedback on how well they match our qualifications and the opportunities they present.

Continuously optimize to ensure consistent results and success.
Continuously optimize for success

Armed with data & insights, we strive to continuously improve the campaign. Once we're satisfied with the results of our initial campaign, we assist you in branching out into new industries, markets, and geographies for continued growth.

Expand my team

If you currently have an inbound, outbound, or lead generation team and would like to expand or support it by bringing on industry expertise with a proven process to increase pipeline and revenue, this is the option to have it done with you.

Launch a team

If you don’t currently have an inbound, outbound, or lead generation team in house and would like to launch one - from CRM, strategy, process, and asset development, all with an experienced sales team to help deliver results quickly, this is the option to have it done for you.
Shipfusion's customer story

Shipfusion's growth story

How Shipfusion used The Sales Factory to build out their net new outbound lead generation program and deliver top of funnel pipeline for their outbound sales team.

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