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Grow your B2B business with data-led outbound sales


Accelerate your growth with hyper qualified B2B warm leads with a turnkey technology-enabled team and a proven system.
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Process for success

Technology-backed, insights and data-driven selling built on years of experience in outbound sales and outbound lead generation


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Talent for success

All our reps are university-graduated nearshore talent in Canada, specializing in B2B technology, B2B services, and B2B SaaS lead generation

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Team for success

Get our full team to ensure the success of your outbound lead generation program at any stage of your GTM journey 



At any stage of your GTM journey

From Discovery to Expansion, The Sales Factory supports your needs with the right strategy and team for outbound B2B lead generation.
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  • Discovery

    We help teams test and validate markets, industries, models, channels, and geographies for existing or new products and services using outbound sales.

  • Launch

    We help teams stand up outbound BDR programs. Whether it's your team’s first attempt at outbound sales or an expansion of existing outbound lead generation.

  • Growth

    We help teams looking to accelerate their growth with additional outbound sales strategies, tactics, capacity, and capabilities.

  • Expansion

    We help B2B revenue teams and B2B SaaS lead generation teams who don’t have the internal bandwidth expand into new industries, markets, and geographies.

The challenges our clients face

There are many challenges that lead client partners to work with The Sales Factory but these are the most common.


Finding, hiring, training, managing, coaching, and retaining millennial and Gen-Z BDR talent for outbound sales is increasingly difficult.

Time & Capacity

You're busy, and taking the time to plan, develop, launch, and manage an outbound lead generation business project is always just out of reach.


You don't have access to the specialized experience needed for outbound sales internally, especially for B2B SaaS lead generation, but it’s vital to your success and time-sensitive.


The technology needed to effectively build, deploy, and measure outbound lead generation is evolving, complex, and expensive.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t take our word for it!
Sean G

Sean G.

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Great alternative to hiring an internal BDR team! TSF is our go to resource for outsourcing our BDR team's needs.

Tyler B

Tyler B.

Frame 101

They helped me find product-market fit! I worked with the Sales Factory to help generate leads for my startup business. They assigned a super hard-working SDR to work with me, and he did a fantastic job!

erin P

Erin P.

Group 171

Great partners - highly recommend! The Sales Factory onboarded our company within a week - got our first booking within a day and closed business on our end within 2 weeks.

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Our Process 

Understand target audiences and their need.

We work with you to identify your top customers and in that group identify the type of customer with which you can deliver the best work. With this information, we develop and build your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), which we then use to build prospect target lists for our outreach.

Identify the key outcomes & craft the critical messaging.

From the information gathered in our onboarding process we develop position messaging based on value you bring to solve your ideal customers' pain points. This messaging feeds our talk tracks and email copy.

Develop engagement process that align with your audience.

From our experience, we have tested and built winning outreach sequences and strategies that work based on your ICP.

Stand up the correct technology stack to augment talent efforts.

If you already have a working CRM and sales automation tools we will get ourselves set up within it. If you don't have anything set up yet we have a variety of technology partners that we work with to get your CRM and sales automation set up. During this stage we are also training your rep on the developed ICP and messaging to get ready for the go live.

Develop a sound go to market plan.

We package everything up into a sound go to market plan that fits nicely into your sales process to deliver pipeline growth. With us you can then turn your focus onto nurturing your pipeline and closing new business.

Launch and accurately measure early results.

Once we are aligned on the developed ICP and messaging, and your tech stack is set we then go live. In the initial 1-2 weeks we are optimizing messaging quickly as we learn in market how it fits with your target. You will also begin the relationship with your TSF Account Manager who will quarterback your account for results.

Iterate based on findings a data.

As we get deeper in outreach we also gather ongoing data to optimize targeting and messaging. As well, once we begin to book meetings with your ideal customer we also gather feedback on qualification and opportunity

Continuously optimize to ensure consistent delivery.

With this information gathered, we work to optimize to get better over time. Once we are comfortable with our initial campaign we work to help you expand into new verticals and evergreen markets.

Expand my Team

If you already have an outbound sales and outbound lead generation team but would like to bring on additional resources with a proven process to increase pipeline and revenue, this is the option for you.

I Need a Team

If you don’t currently have an outbound lead generation team in house and would like us to set everything up for you from CRM, process, asset development, to a functional team to deliver a growing pipeline, this is the option for you.
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Shipfusion Customer Story

Learn how Shipfusion used The Sales Factory, a lead generation business,  to build out their net new outbound lead generation program and deliver top of funnel pipeline for their outbound sales team.